Personal ID

PersonalID lets you import a personal, digital identity on a PIN-protected chip card.This allows for a variety of use cases: Secure login to IT systems or applications, digitally signing Office documents and PDF files as well as digitally signing and encrypting of emails.

The solution is based on standard PKI functionality already available in Windows and MacOS, as well as in Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.

Certificates from any CA can be imported as PKCS12 files. We recommend using a trusted third-party CA.

System requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8 og 10
  • Apple MacOS
  • Linux (Ubuntu, Red Hat, SUSE m.fl.)
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What our customers say?

At any time, I can document who ordered a signature, who approved it – usually me – and what it was used for. Our IT auditing likes that. If I wanted that kind of transparency and traceability in the old system, I would have had to sit and manually document who had ordered the signature. But the system takes care of this automatically. So in that way I save time, but I also have a higher level of security.
Chris Antonsen
Teamleader IT, Mariagerfjord Kommune
We haven’t calculated it, but we have saved a lot of administration hours. We have also saved a lot of employee time. And we have saved money since the administration of the digital signature is built into the IT system we use for access management.
Henrik Jordt
head of Central Denmark Region’s IT Development, Architecture, and Design