SmartSignatur Products

SmartSignatur is a line of products focusing on the enrollment of authentication factors into an organization. There are four products tailored to specific scenarios carrying the needed depth of functionality: GlobalID, LocalID, CardID and for the Danish market for now PersonalID. 

SmartSignatur is developed to be part of true and secure passwordless authentication strategies with as much automation as possible. This is to automate the enrollment of certificates and other 2-Factor authentication methods into organisations. 

We understand that situations arise where the move towards the passwordless world needs steps and that situations arise where password and passwordless strategy will stand in a hybrid context with each other. Therefore SmartSignatur’s Vision is to become the universal 2-Factor authentication enrollment solution.

SmartSignatur PersonalID boxshot


SmartSignatur PersonalID allows you to issue, import and store a X509 certificate and key pair to a smart card. A stand-alone Windows solution for secure storage and use of certificates.

SmartSignatur LocalID boxshot


SmartSignatur LocalID is the easiest tool for implementing locally issued Microsoft CA certificates as a 2 factor authentication using a smart card with a personal PIN.


SmartSignatur CardID enables the automated enrollment and printing process of employee ID cards for adding services such as door access and follow-me printing.

SmartSignatur GlobalID boxshot


SmartSignatur GlobalID is a universal 2-Factor authentication enrollment solution for any organisation. GlobalID enables a fully integrated process-lifecycle of a user.